Rae Line has a number of distinct advantages over other boat brands. Take a read of this section to find out what they are...


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Built to a higher standard

Our bowriders and cabin cruisers are built to not only the toughest American standards, but also to the very rigourous CE standards, making our boats available for export into Europe and the UK.


Foam-filled hulls with positive bouyancy

Because we foam fill all our hulls, not only does it make for a quieter ride, it also provides peace of mind in the event that the boat was ever swampped or completely filled with water because the hull would not sink.


A safer boating experience

Part of building boats to the highest standards is putting every one of them through a very extensive Quality Control process before they leave the factory. You can be sure your Rae Line experience will be one of the safest on the water.


A record of very few Warranty claims

We will admit, we are not perfect, but that does not mean we don't strive to seek perfection. We believe we are better than most at making sure we do not get any warranty claims through slack processes, but also making sure they are dealt with quickly and hassel free if a claim does occur.

A lifetime structural hull warranty

This lifetime warranty only applies to the first owner of a new Rae Line boat, but it does provide the ultimate in protection for original Rae Line boat owners, knowing they have lifetime of safe boating. Structural integrity is a big part of our perception of the Rae Line brand.


Custom toughened safety glass windscreens

All our bowriders and cabin cruisers use custom three-piece toughened safety glass windscreens that provide complete scratch resistance, and also include a slight tint to help reduce glare and provide better vision through the windscreen.


Leading in innovation through practicality

We pride ourselves on making changes that are practical to all our models. One of our classic examples of this was our own re-development of the bow torneau cover on our bowrider models. To this day other boat builders still utilize the tent pole type design. The re-development of the bow cover on our models lead to our design of using two bowed aluminium poles to support the cover, allowing for a zip to be fitted to the cover to provide easy and clean access to the forward cleats and anchoring points, without having to remove half the cover.