The Rae Way


For a lot of us, boating is not really about just having a new toy to play with, it is the lifestyle that comes with owning a boat that makes it such a unique experience. One that you are able to share with your family and friends to provide enjoyment for everyone. Our goal at Rae Line is to provide you with the ultimate in boating lifestyles that suits how you want to spend time on the water, whether that means all-round boating - going cruising, finding a great picnic spot and enjoying some watersports and taking a couple of fishing rods to drop a line or two, or a more specific approach as to how you want to spend your time - going wakeboarding, waterskiing and living for the thrill and adrenalin rush of watersports, otherwise you might find all you want to do is grab the family or some friends and head out fishing - heading out into open water territory to find the biggest and best game fishing around. All of these lifestyles are possible with a Rae Line!


It is about personal service that you will not find with a lot of other manufacturers. Being a New Zealand company, and being easily contactable, we feel that we have developed a personal touch for almost every boat that is built to order, often discussing ideas and getting feedback both through our dealers, and you, the end user to make sure we continue to head on the right path and make developments to our boats that are both necessary to keep us competitive, as well as forward thinking to keep innovating. Without getting the right type of critisims and feedback from you and our dealers, then we have no way to make our boats better, which is why we openly encourage you to contact us if you have any ideas, questions or critisims of anything Rae Line!


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